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Codegrad is a tutorial and information website that covers different coding and scripting technologies in website development and design. It includes, but not limited to: HTML, CSS and Javascript. Codegrad also covers WordPress theme customization and plugin installation. Various on-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are also discussed in this blog.

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Showing or returning WordPress page URL

By inserting a simple one-line code in one of your PHP theme files, you would be able to display the URL of the static page, post, or any web page that the site visitor is currently viewing in your WordPress-powered website.

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Putting thumbnails in a WordPress theme

Post thumbnail, later called “featured image” is one of the features of WordPress that was added on version 2.9. If your theme does not support it or you are developing a WordPress theme from scratch, this entry discuss how you can implement it in your theme.

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Auxillary loop query posts: pagination and number of posts

Just like the main loop, you can limit the number of posts being displayed by the second or auxiliary loop generated by query posts function. If the number of posts exceed the limit, you may setup the pagination so that the list will have pages 2, 3, and so on.

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What is the Loop in WordPress?

In working on WordPress themes, one of the most frequently encountered place is “in the loop” or “inside the loop”. Some WordPress PHP scripts are said to work only “inside the loop”. This short article discuss what this loop is all about, its codes and how it works.

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Auxillary loop query posts: arrangement by date, title or random

By default, the secondary or auxiliary list of posts as generated by query post function is arranged in order such that the most recent publishing date being on top. With some array of codes in the parentheses, you can modify the arrangement of posts into alphabetical, modified date, or random.

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